Marymount Catholic Secondary School



Marymount Catholic Secondary School was opened on January 29, 1963. The Catholic Bishop of the Diocese of Mzuzu who was concerned about the plight of girls in Malawian communities put forward the idea of opening an all girl high school in the northern part of Malawi. The Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate Conception who would run the school received a grant from the Ministry of Education to build the school. At its inception the Catholic Church and the Ministry of Education jointly ran the school.

However, in 1992 the school with the diocese approval seceded from the Ministry of Education to address the declining academic quality of the school. Mzuzu Catholic diocese took charge of the school appointing an Education Commission represented by a Board of Governors. The Board is the policy making body and is responsible for employment and the general supervision of the Management of the school. The Management Team headed by the School Manager (Head Teacher) takes care of the daily operations of the school.

Currently the school has 660 students. Admission is by entrance examination. Applicants who pass the exam are accepted. The school Board of Governors makes available a number of scholarships for underprivileged candidates who pass the entrance exam but cannot afford the tuition. For the past few years, the Board has worked hard to increase the amount of scholarships awarded to girls who are academically qualified but cannot afford the school tuition.

The school experiences several challenges. The following is a partial list of our needs for assistance. You may wish to assist us in one of the following areas:

  • Rehabilitation of the Home Economics Laboratory;
  • Extensions of the dining hall to enable our students to take their meals at the same time. Currently they eat in shifts of two;
  • Additional hostels to ease congestion in the already existing hostels;
  • A bigger bus that can assist in ferrying students for educational visits. At present we have a 16 seater minibus and we rely on hiring whenever educational trips crop up;
  • Additional staff houses to enable all the teaching staff to be housed on campus. The present scenario is that nine (9) out 26 teachers commute long distances to and from work. Members of staff who cover longer distances tend to get to school late and tired. This compromises the quality of instruction and affects the student’s academic achievement;
  • Construction of a multi-purpose hall that would also assist in the generation of income for the school self-sustainability;
  • An on-campus clinic for 660 students, staff and the surrounding community;
  • Computer laboratory (maximum 100 computers and twenty printers);
  • Students exchange programs with some schools in the USA and other countries.

Email: schoolmanager@marymount.mw / marymountcatholic@gmail.com